Who is Prospero?

I am a Tarot reader based in Brighton and Nottingham. I am happy to do readings in person in either city or by email and can often be contacted through Kooma for telephone readings.
I first became interested in Tarot in 1986 after several unusual experiences led me to question my previous assumptions about life. The journey that started then has led me to explore many disciplines but Tarot remains my favourite. I love its versatility and the way it gets straight to the point, bypassing any preconceptions I may have and giving the client what is needed.
After reading for friends and family, then for strangers as a “paying hobby”, I finally took the plunge into full-time professional reading in 1994. It quickly became apparent that there were a lot of people looking for a Tarot teacher and no teachers around. (This was before the internet connected everyone to everyone the way it does now.) I therefore decided to start teaching Tarot, not sure whether I would be any good or not.
The words that came to mind were from my old school art teacher, Bert Seaborn: “You can’t teach art; you can only create the environment in which people learn it.” The same proved to be true of Tarot. Watching people reach that “Aha!” moment, when they find the knowledge that was inside them all along, is an incredibly satisfying experience and some of my earliest students are still friends today.
In 1998 I got an internet connection, which in those days came with some free web space. I decided to do something with it and embarked on another learning curve, trying to create the same experience through the written word that I had enjoyed sharing in person. At the time I referred to it as a lazy way of writing a book. This leisurely way of writing, combined with other elements emerging in the website and in my life as a whole, created a structure that gave equal attention to Tarot as a tool for divination and for self-development.
The process of writing continued in fits and starts through several of the most eventful years of my life and eventually became Tarot for Life, beautifully illustrated by Sean Russell Friend and published by Aeon Books in 2004.